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Larry Chen

Eau Rouge at Night During the 24hrs of SPA Francorchamps Race

Eau Rouge at Night During the 24hrs of SPA Francorchamps Race

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This photo was taken at the 24 hrs of SSPA Francorchamps at the famous Eau Rouge corner. This was during the night portion of the race and the colors in the sky are from fireworks right over on the other side of the hill. This was a complete accident as it just happened to be overcast. This photo can probably never be recreated due to the barriers moving further away to keep the photographers safe. This was shot during the 2011 race season on a canon 1ds mkII.

Each photo is printed on Canon Professional Photo paper with care, in house and signed by Larry Chen. The prints are handled with care, and packaged in a plastic bag inside of a cardboard tube, inside of bubble wrap, inside of a cardboard box.

Please be careful when opening the package and make sure to look for the extra goodies. Comes with free Peeker sticker. We use a Canon Pro-2100 with Canon Lucia Pro ink. In terms of mounting it's recommended to get the exact size frame, glass or acrylic.

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